What’s Mine is Yours—Including My Cavities

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airplane spoonIt’s common practice for parents to taste their baby’s food before feeding it to them, but has this practice contributed to more cavities than necessary? We think so.

Early Childhood Caries – or ECC for short – is one of the most common childhood diseases. It’s a serious health problem, and is characterized by severe decay in the teeth of infants or young children. Fortunately, it is easily prevented. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know about ECC and so don’t take proper precautionary measures to do so.

ECC is generally a consequence of parents and/or guardians tasting a baby’s food and/or letting that baby put their fingers into the parent’s or guardian’s mouth. If ECC is not treated early on, it can cause severe pain and swelling in the mouth, face and neck. In extreme instances, operations are the only way to stop the baby’s dental pain and suffering.

There is good news though. You can prevent ECC entirely with these 6 easy steps:

  1.     Maintain your own oral hygiene. Cavities are contagious, and so is gum disease. The best way to avoid spreading them to your child is to avoid getting them yourself.
  2.     Wipe your baby’s mouth, teeth and gums after feedings and before bedtime with a soft, wet cloth. Once their teeth start to emerge, brush them with an infant tooth brush and a smear of fluoridated toothpaste.
  3.     Skip sweet drinks, including juice.
  4.     Put your baby to sleep by rocking them and rubbing their back – not with a bottle. Avoid the bottle all together after baby’s first birthday.
  5.     Don’t give your child sweets. Give them healthy snacks.
  6.     Take your child to the dentist around their first birthday. We will check their teeth and help you keep their mouth – and smile – healthy!

Learn more about parenting healthy kids at http://www.paragondentalinc.com/parenting-healthy-kids/