Sleeping With Dentures May Cause Pneumonia in Elderly Patients

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When you made the decision to get dentures, you did so with one thing in mind: having a whole, healthy smile again. And they’ve been able to provide that for you, to an extent. However, what you didn’t count on was the maintenance they would require. And oh boy, do dentures require a lot of maintenance! You have to brush them in a special way, use a special paste, take them out when eating certain meals, place them in just-the-right-temperature water, have them refit, etc., etc., etc…

Unfortunately, dentures are difficult to care for, but at Paragon Dental, we do our best to try and educate you on everything you need to know to make your dentures last. Including keeping you up to date on all of the latest research behind the replacement tooth option.

Just recently, we read an article that outlined the dangers of falling asleep with your dentures in your mouth. Recently, one researcher – Toshimitsu Iinuma, Nihon University School of Dentistry, Japan – decided to explore the link between poor oral hygiene and pneumonia among the elderly. What he found was that denture wearing during sleep almost doubles an individuals risk for pneumonia, an oftentimes-fatal disease in the elderly! Denture wearing while sleeping also has a number of other side effects, which Iinuma outlines in the following article:

At Paragon Dental, we want you to live a long, healthy and happy life – even if that requires a bit more maintenance for some than others. Visit to see how we can help you do just that!