Eating Habits Affect Teeth

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Do you eat sweets every chance you get or to help you get through the day? The reward of a satisfying taste is there but the downside is you are probably harming your teeth. A lot of exposure to sugary treats can lead to tooth decay so it is best to limit yourself with the amount of sweets you eat. No, we are not saying cut delicious snacks out completely but just minimize the amount of sweets you do take in every day. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Eating better and making the right food choices is commonly associated with taking care of your body and overall health but also affects your oral health, which is also very important. According to, a healthier diet should include fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, and lean proteins. If you must have your daily snacks try replacing the coffee cake with carrots or the candy with an apple. These types of snacks are far more healthier for your teeth and body. And make sure you are also limiting the amount of soda and sugary drinks.

Who says you can’t do both? You can still enjoy all the sweets and snacks you love but make sure you are also practicing good eating and cleaning habits to keep your teeth healthy. To learn more about nutrition and oral health visit

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