Fall Fun – Moderation – And Healthy Teeth

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Crisp, cool morning air. The tinge of orange in the leaves. Picking apples….

Fall is here. It’s time for the AppleJack Festival, jack-o-lanterns, and hayrack rides. The children in our community will be banning together in an effort to obtain the best treats to tickle their tongues.

Go ahead, let them indulge. Of course, moderation is always key. Too much sugary sweetness can result in aching tummies and frantic meltdown fits. Embrace fall, and enjoy special goodies. AND, make sure to encourage regular flossing and brushing. Investing just a few minutes twice per day can help ensure that teeth and gums get the care needed to rebound from all the sweets and goodies.
In the midst of watching leaves turn, and attending festivals, don’t forget to set up your dental check up. Paragon Dental is here to make sure that your smile is beautiful all year long. We work hard to maintain your trust and we know that a healthy smile can translate to a confident kid! Call our office at (402) 331-2070 or visit our website at: http://www.paragondentalinc.com/

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