MI Paste – Mystery Solved

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Are you tired of the appearance of your teeth? If so, MI Paste is a fabulous solution which can vastly improve the look and health of your smile. Specifically, MI Paste can help remove the annoying appearance of white spots and tooth discolorations. In addition, dentists recommend it as a viable treatment for some cases of sensitivity and dry mouth. While this is all great news, you may be asking more questions like:

What is MI Paste?

The MI stands for Minimally Invasive, and it’s a fabulous milk-derived phosphopeptide that binds calcium and phosphate to the surface of teeth. MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free cream that is packaged in a tube like toothpaste. It’s a non-surgical solution that dentists recommend to improve the look and health of natural teeth.

What Does MI Paste Do?

MI Paste helps strengthen your teeth, minimize cavities, reverse tooth sensitivity, repair discolorations, positively impact some cases of dry mouth, and rid your smile of those annoying white spots.

How Does MI Paste Work?

When a person is not eating or drinking, a normal and healthy mouth will have a neutral pH (similar to the pH of water). Each time you eat or drink something, acids are introduced to the mouth which, impacts the pH. For many people, the mouth is able to naturally restore the pH levels to a neutral state. However, for others, the pH level becomes increasingly acidic which leads to plaque, tartar buildup and tooth decay.

Saliva is the body’s natural oral-defense system. Saliva protects teeth and soft tissues, helps flush bacteria and food particles away from the teeth, and reduces enamel damage. Basically, MI Paste can help boost the saliva’s ability to neutralize acid and restore normal pH levels.

How Is MI Paste Applied?

MI Paste is extremely easy to apply. After brushing with toothpaste, apply a small amount of the MI Paste to the entire surface of all your teeth with your finger or cotton swab. Wait three minutes before rinsing so that the paste can be absorbed.

Paragon Dental is proud to offer MI Paste. If you’d like to learn more, please call our office 402.331.2070 or schedule an appointment: http://www.paragondentalinc.com/

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