Periodontal Disease – Silent but Dangerous

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A dangerous dental disease is one that you cannot detect right away. I am sure you hear this a lot, but prevention is always the right route to take. It’s easy for life to become full or certain circumstances to get in the way of taking proper care of your dental health but nonetheless, it is extremely important if you want to avoid potential health dangers and high dentist bills. So what is this silent disease you may ask? One oral disease you may be familiar with is Gingivitis, which is treatable at a low cost if you catch it at the right time. However, letting something like this go without being treated can lead to what is called Periodontal Disease and that’s when things can get messy.

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The early stages of periodontitis begin with Gingivitis. When this goes untreated bacteria and food particles become trapped in pockets that form between your teeth and gums which then leads to infection. The bone and connective tissue that holds your tooth in place begin to weaken from toxins and will break down as the immune system fights off the plaque that has made its way below the gum line. This is when tooth loss can occur. As your immune system fights off the bacteria in your mouth it can become weak, allowing the chance for other diseases to enter the system.

The best thing to do is to catch the problem before it gets worse. Educate yourself on Periodontal Disease and learn the risks, symptoms, and preventions. You may have little to no symptoms of Periodontitis but if you do experience any of these symptoms, it is best to seek immediate care as this may be a sign that it has progressed to the later stages. These symptoms include:

  • Bleeding during brushing
  • Inflamed gums
  • Bad breath
  • Gum recession
  • Unexpected loose teeth
  • Tooth Loss

This disease is treatable through cleanings, Root Planing and Scaling, Laser Therapy, and antibiotics. Surgery is a scary word but it is only needed in severe cases so it’s crucial that you get to a dentist as soon as you have any sign of symptoms surfacing. You can avoid all if this by making sure you visit the dentist regularly so they can detect any signs of gum disease and start treatment right away.

In addition to regular dentist visits, you can avoid gum disease that leads to periodontitis by practicing good oral hygiene. Make sure you are cleaning your teeth consistently by brushing twice a day and getting some floss between those teeth at least once a day. Flossing is important because it removes food particles and plaque from between your teeth and gums that, if left in, can cause bacteria growth and infection.

There are other ways to make sure you are getting top notch care for your oral health. Think of some habits you have that can add to the deterioration of your dental health. Are there any that you can change? How many habits do you have that can put you at risk for gum disease? For example, if you are a smoker, you may want to consider cutting back or stopping altogether since smoking is known to increase your chances of gum disease. How about taking it easy with those sugary snacks or chewing on hard foods that can damage your teeth? And though it seems inevitable at times, do your best to keep your life stress-free. Stress can have an affect on your immune system which can make it hard for it to fight off disease and infection. If you can control your stress levels it can make a huge difference.

Start preventive care now!

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