A Quick Shout Out To Say Thank You, Modern Dental Technology

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At Paragon Dental, we are thankful for so much: you, our amazing team members, pumpkin pie, the golden leaves of fall and the many advancements in dental technology. And while we assume our patients are thankful for the first four too, we know they’re thankful for the last. We don’t need to tell you about how far along modern technology has come in the past couple of decades, but we can’t help but to brag about the advancements in dental technology, especially since these advancements have made it far easier to care for our patients in a comfortable, safe and pain-free manner. At Paragon Dental, building trust with each of our patients is fundamental in achieving the desired results, and these new technologies help to establish that trust by helping us be the caring, compassionate and skilled dental team we know we can be. For those of you who aren’t …

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Thumb-Sucking

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Thumb-sucking is a natural habit for infants and toddlers – so natural, in fact, that it oftentimes begins in the womb. However, it’s also natural for parents to worry about the effect it will have on their child’s smile, and in many instances, their future “social life.” While most parents know that thumb-sucking can cause damage past a certain age, what many don’t know is at what age thumb-sucking becomes detrimental to the formation of the teeth, or what kind of lasting damage can occur if not stopped in time. It’s important that parents recognize when it’s time to put an end to the thumb-sucking , and that they have a clear idea as to how to do so in the most natural way possible. That’s exactly what this blog post is meant to do: to help you determine when your child is ready to stop the habit, and how …

Dental Spring Cleaning

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When spring finally breaks through, people tend to think of spring-cleaning for their closets, homes, and yards. But, what about spring-cleaning for your smile? Start the new season out fresh by going back to basics of dental health. With all the advances of dentistry, especially in cosmetic dentistry, it’s easy to forget what the main purpose of dental care is all about – clean, healthy teeth and gums. It’s as simple as that. While I can say that I’m excited about the amazing advances that dentistry has made even in the last few years, it’s important to remember the basics of dental health. Just as a friendly reminder, here are a few tips for your everyday care so that when you come in to see us there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease. –       Brush your teeth twice a day – morning and night. We’ve all known …

E-Cigs May Be the New “Cool,” But Are They Safe?

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For decades, cigarettes have been promoted as “cool,” especially to young adults. Despite common knowledge that smoking has a negative impact on teeth and the entire body, people have continued the practice. In fact, smoking has been a part of the human lifestyle for as long as we can remember. The earliest history of smoking dates back to Central America in the 9th century. Tribes made smoking tubes from reeds and other available materials. Over the years, traditional cigarettes have been snuffed out by advertising laws, increasing taxes, and the banning of their use in public places in entire states. But marketers aren’t worried. They are moving on to a new “cool” product, the electronic cigarette, and it’s working. Young people are picking up the new habit by the multitudes. Introducing… E-Cigs Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs are a battery operated smoking device. They don’t contain tobacco, but instead they utilize …

Proper Dental Care Extends the Life of Teeth

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Over the years, our teeth take a constant beating. Day-in and day-out, meal after meal, they munch, crunch and bite their way through nutrition and snacking. For some, teeth are also a handy tool for removing tags, opening soda bottles, chewing on ice and holding items when hands are full. (Of course, none of our patients would use their teeth for such purposes!) No matter how we treat them, the wear and tear will take its toll over time. It’s important to follow proper oral hygiene recommendations like brushing twice per day, flossing daily and avoiding sweet and starchy foods as much as possible. In addition, for those who grind their teeth, a mouth guard is recommended at night to help minimize damage. For more information regarding how to offset natural wear and tear on the teeth, read this informative WebMD article: http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/dental-care-smile-10/teeth-gums-age

MI Paste – Mystery Solved

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Are you tired of the appearance of your teeth? If so, MI Paste is a fabulous solution which can vastly improve the look and health of your smile. Specifically, MI Paste can help remove the annoying appearance of white spots and tooth discolorations. In addition, dentists recommend it as a viable treatment for some cases of sensitivity and dry mouth. While this is all great news, you may be asking more questions like: What is MI Paste? The MI stands for Minimally Invasive, and it’s a fabulous milk-derived phosphopeptide that binds calcium and phosphate to the surface of teeth. MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free cream that is packaged in a tube like toothpaste. It’s a non-surgical solution that dentists recommend to improve the look and health of natural teeth. What Does MI Paste Do? MI Paste helps strengthen your teeth, minimize cavities, reverse tooth sensitivity, repair discolorations, positively impact …

The Window to a Great Smile Never Closes

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It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted. At Paragon Dental, we strive to help our patients gain confidence with our excellent service and care. If you’ve gone through most of your life feeling embarrassed or insecure due to dental problems, I’m here to tell you that the window has not closed. We offer a wide variety of dental procedures so that no matter what you need, we will provide you with a beautiful smile. Just to mention a few of our more popular treatments: Bonding – If you’ve spent your life with cracks or gaps in your teeth, bonding is a wonderful way to achieve a natural, safe and attractive solution. By simply molding and sculpting adhesive gel to the tooth or teeth, you have a polished, brand new look. Implants – Gone are the days of removable dentures. If you’re missing teeth, dental implants are …

Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth

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You’re probably familiar with the stories of people grinding their teeth in their sleep, but do you ever wonder if you might be doing it too? Since it happens while you sleep you have no control over it and if you sleep alone you may have no way of finding out whether you do it or not. One way you can find out if this is happening to you is you may constantly wake up with a headache or a sore jaw. The other way to find out is to have your dentist check for signs of teeth grinding. The medical term for teeth grinding is Bruxism and it can be a serious problem if it goes untreated. You may have heard that grinding your teeth down to stubs is only a myth, but it actually can happen in severe cases. What most people don’t know is that it can …

Periodontal Disease – Silent but Dangerous

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A dangerous dental disease is one that you cannot detect right away. I am sure you hear this a lot, but prevention is always the right route to take. It’s easy for life to become full or certain circumstances to get in the way of taking proper care of your dental health but nonetheless, it is extremely important if you want to avoid potential health dangers and high dentist bills. So what is this silent disease you may ask? One oral disease you may be familiar with is Gingivitis, which is treatable at a low cost if you catch it at the right time. However, letting something like this go without being treated can lead to what is called Periodontal Disease and that’s when things can get messy. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The early stages of periodontitis begin with Gingivitis. When this goes …

Wait! Don’t Toss That Cash!

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You would never just toss a wad of cash into a wastebasket. That would be irresponsible and reckless. Well, the end of the year is coming… make sure that you are taking full advantage of your Flexible Spending Account. Otherwise, that hard-earned money that you’ve been saving for a rainy day may be lost. Take a few minutes TODAY to check on your Flexible Spending Account balance. And, if you have funds in the account, you still have time to use them before they are lost. Scheduling that dental appointment you’ve been putting off is a great use of those funds. Your oral health is the gateway to overall health. There can be dangerous bacteria lurking that is making its way throughout your system. Your dentist can ensure that you approach the holidays (and new year) with a clean bill of oral health. Don’t toss that cash! For more information …