How to Ease Your Child’s Discomfort During Teething

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In the parenting world, this is almost like a bad word, as it wreaks of non-stop crying, long days and even longer nights. The only thing keeping parents from losing their heads entirely through this tough growth period is the fact that their children are suffering far more than them.

While there isn’t much you can do to ease your baby’s discomfort while they’re going through this painful process, you’re not completely helpless…

Infant bites her mothers finger and stares at the viewer.To ease your child’s discomfort – even if it is only temporarily – there are a few tricks that I’ve learned myself as a parent, and that other parents have shared with me. They are:

  1.     Lightly rub numbing gel across their gums with your finger or a piece of gauze.
  2.     Let them chew on a cooling ring
  3.     Give your baby a teething biscuit or a piece of toast
  4.     And if all else fails, check out your local pharmacy for teething medications

Important Note:

As soon as your child shows signs of teething, it’s time to start brushing! Take a small, soft-bristled brush and just gently rub across their gums back and forth. This will instill good oral hygiene habits early on, and will ensure that brushing becomes a nightly routine for you and your child.

Also, as soon as that first tooth bursts through, schedule an appointment with your family dentist to make sure all looks good for your child’s future smile. Despite popular belief, dental visits should start as early as a year old. To see if we’re the team you want to entrust your child’s smile to, visit

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