Nightmares About Tooth Loss? They Aren’t Coming Out of Nowhere

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Toothloss Nightmares“I bit into an apple, and one tooth cracked. When I took the apple out of my mouth, all my other teeth started crumbling, until my mouth looked like something out of a Steven King novel.”

“I was sucking on a jaw breaker – not even biting into it! – and it hit my back tooth. That tooth cracked, and next thing I know, it was hanging on by a thread.”

“I bit into a piece of steak, and with the hunk of meat torn off came my tooth. Everyday, I lost just one more tooth, until I didn’t have any left.”

All of these are NOT real scenarios, but they are dreams about tooth loss told to me by a few acquaintances. Tooth loss dreams are not uncommon, especially as we get older and start caring more and more about our smiles. They’re kind of like those dreams we used to get while we were in school—remember those? The ones where you were running late to class, or you forgot to study for a big test, or you missed class entirely on the first day and were dropped from the course. Yeah, those sorts of worrisome dreams that keep popping up until a new fear overtakes them.

If you’re in the “dreaming about tooth loss phase,” I’m sorry. But just know, with modern dentistry the way it is, there really is no reason for you to worry so much.

Tooth loss, cracks, chips and breaks can be taken care of in a number of ways, thanks to the advancements of modern dentistry. To see all of the options available to you – even if you haven’t lost any teeth and it’s just to put your mind at ease! – visit

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