Need Urgent Care?

Our team is ready to relieve your pain to get your life back to normal again.

Dental emergencies happen. When you have a toothache, that pain can get worse over time and simply ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. Or if you’ve suffered an injury and broken, or knocked out a tooth, you need help right away to take care of the problem.

Your whole life is affected when you’re suffering from tooth, gum, or jaw pain. You can’t eat, sleep, or enjoy much of what’s going on around you. It can make you feel like there is no relief possible, but that’s simply not true. Our skilled team can take care of you and, trust us, you’ll feel much better once you’ve seen us and know what the problem is and how we can fix it.

If you’ve had an injury and either broken or lost a tooth, it is so important to call us as soon as possible. Broken teeth can be fixed and, in some cases, a lost tooth can be saved. We make sure you have the best care possible and offer urgent treatment as well as cosmetic dentistry. You have everything at your disposal at Paragon Dental to get a new and improved smile, even after an injury. Our skilled team is trained to handle your dental emergencies with care and concern.

Urgent Care FAQs

Call our office right away if you have:

  • Pain in your tooth, gum or jaw
  • Swelling in your tooth, gum or jaw
  • A broken tooth Lost a tooth

We do everything possible to make you comfortable and give you straightforward treatment and advice during any treatment, and this is especially true for dental emergencies.

We're ready to ease your pain

We're ready to help relieve your pain. We relieve many urgent dental care cases every day, and we know how to lessen the damage and long-term effects of injury or infection. Please call us with your questions, we'll make room in our schedule to get you in right away. 402.378.9403

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