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Paragon Dental Inc is the first and only SMART-certified mercury-safe dental practice in Papillion. Paragon Dental Inc is exclusively Mercury-Safe. It is important to understand that Mercury-Free Dentistry is not the same thing as Mercury-Safe Dentistry. Any dentist can claim they are mercury-free simply by choosing to no longer place mercury-amalgam fillings, and it’s usually for cosmetic reasons, not for health concerns. Unfortunately, these dentists do not take the necessary steps to protect their patients and dental team from mercury exposure during the process.

Mercury-Safe Dentist recognizes that mercury is one of the most toxic non-radioactive elements on earth. Mercury-amalgam fillings are composed of 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin that when inhaled or swallowed can irreversibly damage the nervous system and have a widespread negative impact on systemic health. There is no tolerable safe level for mercury exposure and therefore it has no place in the body, especially in your teeth. We fundamentally believe everyone should have their amalgam fillings removed for the sake of their own health.
For more information on the health risks of mercury exposure – Click here

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