Healthy people are healthy in similar ways, they eat food that is healthy for them, they get enough sleep and they keep things in balance. The reason why a very healthy persons smile attracts our attention so much is because our minds instantly recognize it! If the principles of health are obeyed, you can prevent a lot of dentistry!!! We are literally hard wired to recognize health whether its a persons body shape or their smile! As we move away from health, we break down, but breaking down is unique to each person. Our bodies attempt to adapt to the changes, but because the way we break down violates the rules of health, the adaptation accelerates our breakdown. This adaptation, leads our teeth down a path of continual break-down and more dentistry. What starts off as small fillings in teeth leads to bigger fillings, which then lead to even larger fillings, than root canals and crowns, finally implants or dentures. The same principles apply whether we are young or old. If you know that your teeth have broken down and you want to restore that youthful appearance to your face that lasts, come sit with us so we can hear your story and what it is you’d like to create! Restore the function, beauty and smile that has been missing.

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