“Dr. Carter and Dr. Torres are two of the most caring and giving people that I know!  I am a VERY difficult dental patient (in my mind), and my pain tolerance is slim to none.  The patience that Dr. Carter has showcased while working on my teeth has been so refreshing.  As a child who grew up in the dental office quite a bit with lots of dental work, we have been working our way out of silver into pearly whites!  Now my smile has improved immensely since it bothered me to look at pictures of myself and see silver while smiling.  The dental hygienists are INCREDIBLE and their team works really hard to make your experience amazing.  Now my two little guys are going as well and have experienced little to no fear, which was quickly eliminated by their amazing staff.  And I have to say, when looking at possible dental work, they never do more than needed.  Taking great care of your teeth is their first priority.  Dr. Torres has also done my whitening, which was incredible.  I LOVED seeing my whiter smile!  And Dr. Torres took great interest in my comfort while whitening.  I LOVE PARAGON DENTAL and would recommend EVERYONE go see this incredible team!!!” 

–Shannon Stickman

“I used to be scared to go to the Dentist and had put it off for many years because of a bad experience with a previous dentist. I met Dr. Carter at my place of work; he seemed nice and caring and was close to my home. I got up the courage and made the appointment. I was so relieved to find how caring he and the staff was a Paragon Dental. During the examination, he explained the issue and why I was having the pain, no other Dentist had ever explained my particular problem to me. I recently had to go in again this past week because I was having problems with my gums and needed an injection to numb the pain. I never felt the injection or the needle. Dr. Carter’s technique on giving injections is great. I refer everyone I know that is looking for a new dentist to Paragon Dental.”

–Thanks, Emmeresst Curtis  

“When I first stepped into this Dentist’s office I felt at ease immediately. The Receptionist, The Hygienist and Dr. Carter himself treated me as if I was a guest in their home.  On a recent visit for cleaning, the hygienist was unable to work that day because of a sick child.  Dr. Torres-Carter kindly stepped in to clean my teeth to avoid a wasted visit.  I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone!!” 

–K. Minardi  

“I was in Omaha on business and cracked a tooth. A friend recommended Dr. Carter and I called the office right away. They got me an appointment immediately. Dr Carter showed me everything on the flat screen directly in front of me and explained exactly what happened. He proceeded to fix the problem and gave me options that would allow me to make an informed decision. I chose to get an implant and he proceeded accordingly. Since this was the best dental experience that I have had, I have chosen to have my two yearly cleanings done in his office even though I live in New Jersey. My mother lives locally and it is easy for me to schedule my appointments when I visit her. Thank you to Paragon Dental for their professionalism and excellent service.” 

– T. Duggan   

“I can’t say enough about the staff at Paragon Dental. They are always very welcoming, friendly and their chairside manner is impeccable! Both Dr. Carters’ are super!! I really enjoy coming to the dentist! LOL” 

–Eva F. 


“Easiest and most painless root canal I have ever had. Entire staff is friendly and cheerful. The procedure was completely painless and care was the absolute best.” 

-Michael B.    

“The staff are all great and I have been seen by all 3 Dentists and all have been great. I am very pleased with Paragon Dental.” 

-Jean P.    

“It’s hard to find a good dentist!! This place rocks with great staff and an awesome dentist.” 

-Michael G.     

“Regular exam – first time with hygenist and she was wonderful. Always get great treatment from the office and Dr. Tafoya.” 

-T. C.  

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